Bryson White is a singer/songwriter and gigging musician living in Atlanta, GA. He released his first EP “Four Walls” in May of 2020. It was an album that focused on his feelings of anxiety and worry during his early 20’s. That was followed by the single “Make You Fall” a song that he wrote and recorded in his apartment in October of 2020. It was during this time he was playing a show at his favorite Nashville venue, When Pigue’s Fly, that fellow artist, Zac Flood referred Bryson to a very talented producer and artist, Jonny Lucas. After taking a break from releasing music and putting more focus on playing live, finding his sound, and writing music, Bryson got together with Jonny to record his newest single “Maybe I’m Wrong” Drawing inspiration from artists like The Black Keys and Allen Stone; It’s an upbeat, groovy, and overall fun song with an alternative edge. This is the first of 5 singles Bryson is releasing this year. You can catch him playing live in Atlanta every week.